How to Rank Your Brand New Website Quickly


Jul 22, 2021

How to Rank Your Brand New Website Quickly

For any digital marketer, it is a challenge to rank a new website. Several managers and business owners have been trying to unlock secrets to improve a website’s Google ranking. Truth be told, there aren’t any shortcuts.


If there isn’t a magic button, how can you increase your website’s ranking today? Most importantly, how can you increase the ranking of a new website?


The key ingredients to increase the ranking of a website are dedication, creativity, resourcefulness, and persistence. These virtues will help you beat all the odds that the ever-changing Google’s algorithm brings into the foray. On-page SEO aids in optimizing the website for both humans as well as search algorithms. The key is to master both off-page and on-page SEO.


Here are specific steps that you need to follow to rank the website quickly


  • Understand Google’s ranking algorithm

For long-term success, keep tabs on the changes that are introduced in Google’s algorithm. The changes in the algorithm might be public, but there are certain subtle changes that no one can know or understand. Google algorithm changes between 500 to 600 times per year. Google likes content that is informative, long, and universally accessible to people.


  • Evaluate the current search ranking

When you know where your website stands, there are several tools you can use to improve Google Ranking. You can use Ubersuggest to check the keyword ranking of the website. If your website has a considerable speed, Google would easily rank it. Checking the penalty and fixing it will go a long way to increase the website’s ranking.


  • Keep tabs on the appropriate metrics

The SEO metrics like Organic Traffic, Organic Traffic Conversions, and Keyword Ranking. On your website, you can curate a dashboard dedicated to SEO to track the metrics. Google Analytics is a robust and free tool to oversee SEO metrics comprehensively.


  • Built mobile-friendly website

Do you know that over more than half of websites on the internet, traffic comes from mobile devices? So, even if you have good rankings and do not pay attention to mobile compatibility, your website’s ranking will significantly decline. Also, local SEO and mobile search work wonder for new websites.


  • Measure and fix the penalties

Measure and fixing penalties are a fundamental approach. Google focuses on the natural links, not the ones that seem realistic. To avoid a penalty from Google, check all links and manually remove them.


  • Ensure keyword research

Once the unnatural links are removed, divert your focus to creating a robust on-page SEO. Keyword research is still one of the essential elements for effective marketing. You can spy on your competitors’ website to look for the keywords they are using and then improvise that.


  • Practice and Perfect on-Page SEO

After you set up the keywords, curate meaningful changes concerning on-page SEO. To make it happen, you need to consider the following options:


1. Optimize the title tags

2. Add a structured data markup

3. Create a substantial sitemap to improve ranking on Google


Follow these steps to ace your game with on-page SEO


  • Use keywords for curating great content

You might be already aware of keyword research and its placement in content, but keyword placement is an art. So, are you an artist? Even if you’re not, we are outline everything there is to write SEO-friendly content:


  • The article should cover data and analytics
  • Write like you have a story to tell
  • Use CTA option
  • Your write-up should have images
  • Avoid plagiarism


Stick to these trends and your websites will climb up ranks in no time.


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